Struggling With Anxiety

When I was transitioning from marriage to separation, to divorce, it took a toll on my physical and mental body. I didn't necessarily have a lot of people to talk to about what I was going through and so for much of the emotional process, I was alone. I was alone with my thoughts and my feelings, and although I leaned on yoga and meditation to help carry me through that tough time, I felt as though there was a missing piece to my healing. 

Fast forward to more recently, I've been struggling for several years with issues surrounding anxiety, something which is becoming more prevalent these days. It wasn't until I connected with the amazing beauty, Elena Brower, that I discovered the true power of essential oils as a means of helping to cope with feelings of anxiety, and later, every other emotion and health ailment that myself and my family were/are experiencing. 

This was when I realized that Oils were the piece I was missing.

In the past 6mths, I have joined forces with Elena, selling the highest quality essential oils on the market. I am educating people on the power, and the importance of mother natures natural medicine and am helping to empower individuals and families, arming them with life-changing information about healthy choices & alternatives. Elena was and is now more than ever, a mentor of mine who I admire and adore. We are empowering, and creating a group of powerful individuals who inspire others every day, and it a privilege to work alongside such an amazing group of people. 

I'm feeling more empowered than ever, being in tune with my body.

Yoga and meditation have helped me feel in tune with my body, listening to it, being compassionate with it, and being gentle with it. It has helped me to be stern with it, and to know when to push it harder. But most of all, it's working with essential oils that is what has made me feel empowered. Taking control of mine and my families health, being educated in knowing what to reach for in my plant-based medicine cabinet, makes me feel confident in knowing that there are other, natural alternatives that are easily available and accessible. 

I have always embraced, lived, and promoted healthy lifestyles and living. If you would like to know more about how high-quality essential oils can change your life, and how you can be part of a tribe of amazing women lead by the gracious Elena, please reach out