When There Is No Tribe

When I went through my divorce it was at a young age.  At that time, my partner and I were the first ones of our group of friends to go through such a life event and I don't really know that many of our friends knew how to react. Some stayed friends, some picked sides but overall, and over the years, a distance grew. 

I lost my tribe and everything I knew. 

It was about 3 or 4 months after my separation that I began to write publicly. I started a blog and started writing pieces for online forms about what I was going through. Thinking back on it now I suppose the reason for being so open was twofold: First, I am an open and honest person and I hoped that if I shared my story, someone who was going through the same thing could take comfort in my words and know they were not alone.  The second was to find people with whom I connected. People who resonated with the words I wrote and reached out to me. 

I felt as though I was the only person in the entire Universe that was going through what I was going through at the time.  

I was starting from scratch in so many ways and found my strength in writing. I poured my heart out and it felt so good. The sharing. The feeling. Through writing, I connected with many people and through that, made some very close relationships. And so my tribe began to grow again. Although I had many, many times in which I mourned my loss of friendships, I saw it as an opportunity for growth. 

Are you starting from scratch? Are you re-building your tribe? Above all, know you are not alone on your journey even if is only you and I walking side-by-side for now...XO

Much love to you on your journey...xox