Softness in Vulnerability

In times of darkness, hurt and loss it can be extremely lonely and difficult. It can feel as though the weight of the world is sitting on our shoulders with no one to help carry the heavy burden. No one to listen. No one to comfort.  No one to say, "It hurts now but it's going to be ok". There are times when we feel as though we are all alone on our journey and that life will never be the same. It is in these moments that I challenge you to open your heart in order to help you heal.

Lean into vulnerability and it will embrace you with its warmth and love.

In times of happiness and joy, it is much easier to share the more personal sides of ourselves as opposed to when we are in moments of despair and hurt. Vulnerability is not easy nor is it comfortable, however, over the years I have found that bearing my heart and sharing it with others has provided me with growth and healing. Sharing our whole selves with others and leaning into that vulnerability will not only help to ease the burden of your heavy heart but will also put you in touch with other people who will support you and help you carry that burden. 

But what if you don't have a tribe to embrace you? 

When I went through my divorce I found it to be a very lonely experience. My partner and I were the first of our friends to separate and I'm not sure that everyone knew how to deal with it. Some felt like they needed to choose sides while others maintained relationships with both of us. But I didn't have the companionship of another who traveled the road before me. I didn't have anyone who could relate to my situation and although I felt supported in some ways, often I needed the support of others who had also traveled the same road. 

I have created this space as a safe haven for openness and sharing. This may be the first step you take in opening up to someone, whether it be with me or with our Tribe on facebook or here in the comments section. I encourage you to open up and make connections, find support and lean into vulnerability.

Please share your journey in the comments below...xo

Much love,