Meet Meg

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, empowerment coach and spiritual authority offering support and guidance for women navigating life's transitions!   


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When I was in my early 30's, I found myself at an unexpected place in my life.  I was in the midst of separation, and ultimately divorce. It was unfamiliar and scary.  I had no companion or confidant to help guide me through the waters of sadness and uncertainty, so I began to write. I shared my journey very openly and blogged about my experiences.

I wanted other women who were going through similar situations to know they were not alone.

Through blogging and writing, I started to acquire a following, and I started hearing from women who were experiencing some of the same feelings as I had. Hearing their affirming words gave me the inspiration I needed to pursue my passion of empowering and uplifting others.  I vowed to help other women on their journey through difficult transitions such as separation and divorce. 

More recently, I have also began my own personal journey of sobriety. Over a year ago I realized that it was time for me to separate myself from alcohol. I was at a point where it was no longer serving my higher Self, and realized I was leaning on it as a means of self-medication rather than enjoyment. I had always felt that my relationship with alcohol wasn’t so ordinary, but never understood why until many years later. Through therapy, self-understanding and growth, I found that it was something I had to let go of, and walk away from. Now, more than ever, am I in a knowing space that I was meant to support, love, embrace and comfort my fellow sisters who are on a similar journey.

I want women to know they are not alone on a road that can feel tremendously lonely at times.

As a professionally certified life coach, and yoga & meditation instructor I combine my professional skills with my own life experience, to take a ‘whole-lifestyle’ approach to empowerment and healing as it relates to separation & divorce, and addiction & recovery.

I hope you find strength and support in these pages, and love and empowerment in my words. Sometimes we need a guide or companion in times of need so please know that I am here for you.

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Much love to you, powerful woman, on your journey...xo

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